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 Size: 4-Inch or 6-Inch large

Details: Tachyonized™ Silica Disks were developed for a variety of special applications.


These 4 and 6-inch diameter Tachyonized™ Silica Disks were developed for a variety of special applications. As with all Tachyonized™ Cells, the Silica Disks are directional, and the energy side is indicated by the words "Energy flows out this side".
  Tachyonized™ Silica Disks are composed of a special silica dioxide scientifically developed for high-tech industries. The Silica Disks themselves are very thin and tend to break easily. For this reason they have been laminated. The lamination strengthens the Silica Disks and, in the event of breakage, holds the pieces together. If your Silica Disk does break, it remains completely effective. It is important that you leave the Silica Disks in the lamination!
  Tachyonized™ Silica Disks raise the life-force potential of anything placed within their field. Both the 4 and 6-inch Disks have a 15-foot energy field that flows straight out from the side which says "Energy flows out this side". It ismuch like the beam that comes off of a flashlight. Because of this whopping 15-foot field and the 4 or 6- nch diameter of these Silica Disks you can begin to see that these Disks are very powerful tachyon antennae. While they have a variety of special uses they are not intended for use on the body.
  Studies show that Tachyonized™ Silica Disks installed over the circuit breakers of your home or office neutralize the negative effects of EMFs and, at the same time, improve biological functioning. These groundbreaking studies also strongly indicate that when your circuits are protected by Tachyonized™ Silica Disks, food prepared with electrical appliances have greater life-force energy.
  Circuit Breaker Installation
  Installing Tachyonized™ Silica Disks over your circuit breakers reorganizes the chaotic electromagnetic fields (EMFs) into a coherent energy pattern that is no longer draining to your life-force.
  1. Open the door to the breaker box
  2. Using tape, adhere the Silica Disks to the inside of the door. The logo that says "Energy flows out this side" will be facing you. When you close the door, the energy side will be facing into the breakers.
  3. All of the circuit breakers need to be covered by the Tachyonized™ Silica Disks.
  It is recommended that you use a Tachyonized™ Silica Disk on your computer monitor even if you have Silica Disks on your breaker box. Simply tape the Silica Disk to the back of the computer monitor with the side that says "Energy flows out this side" facing into the back of the computer monitor. Proper placement will have the Advanced Tachyon Technologies logo facing towards you.
  Other recommended uses for the Silica Disks
  1. Keep herbs, supplements, drinking water, etc. on Tachyonized™ Silica Disks so that their SOEFs will be charged to their full life-force potential all of the time.
  2. Place Tachyonized™ Silica Disks under the crisper drawers in your refrigerator so that everything in the refrigerator is charged with tachyon.
  3. Place a gallon of water on a Silica Disk and in about 5 hours the water will be charged to its full life-force potential. This charged water is great for drinking and watering plants. The Tachyonized™ Silica Disk is designed to be used outside the container, whereas the 75mm Tachyonized™ Energy Cell can be used either on the inside or outside of the container.
  4. Tape a Silica Disk on the wall or the headboard at the head of your bed, with the side that says "Energy flows out this side" facing your head. It is best placed 6 inches above or below the level of the head so that the energy flows through your energy field rather than the physical body. There have been reports of complete dream recall after sleeping with the Tachyonized™ Silica Disk.
  5. Try a Silica Disk in your garden. Put the Disk in the soil, at the beginning of a row with the side that says "Energy flows out this side" facing the length of the row. This energizes about 15 feet of soil, producing stronger, healthier plants, and increased yield of vegetables or flowers.


PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in this web-site is intended to constitute medical advice or treatment. Tachyonized™ products are designed to accompany, rather than constitute, your total healthcare programme. Please consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment. The recommendations for uses of the products are from our own experience and from those of our clients. Some information articles and product specifications are courtesy of Advanced Tachyon Technologies.

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