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Details:  Eye Mask is used by meditators to enhance their meditation or when you are sliping to brings balance to your eyes.


  The original Tachyonized Eye Mask is made of fabric over a thin, cardboard-like material with a ribbon attachment.
  Possible uses of the Tachyonized™ Eye Mask:
  Lightweight and affordable, this is an effective tool for drifting off into dreamland, at nap time or night time. It is also great to use when you want to sleep on an airplane or during the day. Many meditators also use the Tachyonized Eye Mask to enhance their meditations.
  Hand wash and line dry to preserve the life of the fabric.


PLEASE NOTE: Nothing in this web-site is intended to constitute medical advice or treatment. Tachyonized™ products are designed to accompany, rather than constitute, your total healthcare programme. Please consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment. The recommendations for uses of the products are from our own experience and from those of our clients. Some information articles and product specifications are courtesy of Advanced Tachyon Technologies.

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